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The Sutra Stik Vaporizer is the newest release from Sutra Vape made for vaporizing waxy oil concentrate cartridges.  The Stik is an ideal vaporizer sporting 4 variable voltage settings for precise vaporizing. The 900 mAh battery provides constant power for continuous vapor session throughout the day.  The Sutra Stik produces superior tasting vapor that is extremely potent.   The Sutra Stik utilizes a lithium ion battery with high rate discharge and secures the vapor cartridges using 510 threaded magnets.  Using an accommodating battery, the Sutra Stik can hold vapor cartridges with a maximum with of 12mm.  The battery has a resistance range from 0.5 ohms to -3ohms.

Variable Voltage

To power on the Sutra Stik, press the power button five times quickly. Then you can select your desired temperature by pushing the power button three times. LED lights will illuminate to reflect the selected temperature range from 2.8V to 4.2V. The Sutra Stik Vaporizer has a preheat “sesh” mode activated after pressing the power button twice, triggering a 17 second heat session. You can immediately end the mode by pressing the power button once.

Loading and Using Cartridges

Powered with a 900 mAh battery, the Sutra Stik VapePen has a resistance range of 0.5 ohm to 3 ohm and is crafted to for use with cartridges with a maximum with of 12mm. You can load your own essential oil into the cartridge provided, by removing the mouthpiece and load your meds. Next, attach the 510 thread magnetic adapter to the base of the cartridge and secure the cartridge into the device for use.

Operating and Charging

Charge the device for at least two hours when you first receive delivery.  After charging for the first time, make sure not to over charge so you don’t ruin the battery. The lights will light up in ascending during the charging sequence and will all light up once charged.