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The Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer (2020 Edition) is a highly-rated concentrate pen designed with convenience and portability in mind. Building on the platform of the original Evolve pen vaporizer from Yocan, the best-selling Evolve Plus boasts some major improvements, including larger coils and an expanded battery capacity.

The Evolve Plus comes equipped with two dual coil quartz coils (QDC) so you are ready to vape waxy concentrates right out of the box. These atomizer coils feature are wider in diameter than the original Evolve coils, allowing you to load more material while eliminating the need to pack the chamber excessively.

The quartz coils generate an abundance of clean-tasting vapor from your waxy oils & concentrates compared to inferior fiber wicks, offering a flavorful experience they simply cannot match.

Yocan's Evolve Plus 2020 concentrate pen is powered by a beefy rechargeable 1100mAh lithium-ion cell. It provides ample power to heat your concentrates, while holding a charge for an extended period of time. The battery also features a convenient micro USB charging port, making powering up easy and convenient. The base features a discreet hidden storage compartment that allows you to store your extra concentrates "inside" your pen, keep everything neatly organized at all times - perfect for discreet sessions on the go.