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The Yocan Armor Vaporizer is a compact device that proves to be the perfect alternative vaporizer for users on the go! The Armor features Yocan's QTC technology, built in 380mAh internal battery and a threaded connection. The device itself features a single power and adjustment button turning the device on and off with five clicks. To adjust the voltage output of the device is as simple as clicking the same button two times. This in turn will light up the three LED's located just above the single tactile button. When one light is activated the device is in its lowest setting at 3V. When all three are activated the device will be at its highest output and will top out at 4V.

Included in the packaging is everything, minus the concentrates, needed to get the device going. It will include the Atomizer Tube, Coil Cap, two QTC Coils, USB charging cable and a pick tool. With all of these items this ensure users receive all of the pieces to get started and maintain their device. The ceramic heating element features a multi airflow system creating a smooth draw and elegant vaping experience. The Armor device features a 380mAh built in battery with a micro USB cable allowing for simple and fast charging. This ensure very little down time when charging and can be fully charged in 30 minutes. The Armor also features a LED indicator providing instant feedback to the battery state and power output. With what is arguably one of the most compact designs available on the market, the Armor by Yocan combines amazing battery life, premium vape quality, compact form and ease of use. Perfect for those looking for a pocket friendly device!